Chapter 7

Lync Online Development

What’s in This Chapter?

  • Developing solutions for Lync Online using the Microsoft Lync 2010 SDK
  • Working with the Lync Controls in WPF and Silverlight
  • Working with conversations
  • Working with extensibility applications

In this chapter, you learn how to build solutions for Lync Online in Office 365. Using the Lync 2010 SDK, you see how to integrate presence and click-to-communicate functionality into WPF and Silverlight applications, and also in Silverlight Web Parts in SharePoint Online. You also learn how to use the Lync 2010 Managed API to interact with conversations and program against the Lync object model. Finally, you build extensibility applications that run inside a Lync conversation window.

Introducing Lync Online in Office 365

Lync Online provides a cloud-hosted instant messaging, presence, and peer-to-peer voice solution. Users can connect to Lync Online using the Lync 2010 client for Windows or Mac.

In this section, you learn about the different types of solutions that you can build for Lync Online, and how they differ from the solutions that you can build for Lync on-premises. You also learn about the tools for developing solutions for Lync Online—specifically the Microsoft Lync 2010 SDK, which includes the Lync Controls for WPF and Silverlight, and the Lync 2010 API.

Lync On-Premises Versus Lync Online

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 is an enterprise presence, instant messaging, online meeting, and voice solution. When taking full advantage ...

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