This book is intended for developers interested in learning more about how to develop against the set of Microsoft cloud services: Windows Azure and Office 365. In some cases, you can combine the two technologies to build your solution, but in other cases you will use only one of the cloud solutions, so understanding what each has to offer enables you to decide on which cloud technology to build your solution.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for the professional developer who understands the Microsoft development platform and web-development technologies. To get the most value from the book, you need to read it sequentially, and then after you have decided which technologies you want to use, refresh your knowledge with that particular chapter. We assume you have knowledge of .NET and web programming such as JavaScript in the chapters. Although some content requires some IT professional knowledge, you are not overburdened with understanding these IT pro-centric topics deeply.

What This Book Covers

This book covers Windows Azure and Office 365. Although cloud-centric technologies are primarily discussed, the book also mentions on-premises software because it is the primary software deployed today. However, over time, more and more of you will need to support hybrid cloud and on-premises deployments until finally the majority of your applications and application development are cloud-based.

How This Book Is Structured

This book is divided logically so that you can get ...

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