JPython ( Jython): Python for Java

JPython (recently renamed “Jython”) is an entirely distinct implementation of the Python programming language that allows programmers to use Python as a scripting component in Java-based applications. In short, JPython makes Python code look like Java, and consequently offers a variety of technology options inherited from the Java world. With JPython, Python code may be run as client-side applets in web browsers, as server-side scripts, and in a variety of other roles. JPython is distinct from other systems mentioned in this section in terms of its scope: while it is based on the core Python language we’ve seen in this book, it actually replaces the underlying implementation of that language rather than augmenting it.[121]

This section briefly explores JPython and highlights some of the reasons you may or may not want to use it instead of the standard Python implementation. Although JPython is primarily of interest to programmers writing Java-based applications, it underscores integration possibilities and language definition issues that merit the attention of all Python users. Because JPython is Java-centric, you need to know something about Java development to make the most sense of JPython, and this book doesn’t pretend to teach that in the next few pages. For more details, interested readers should consult other materials, including JPython documentation at


The JPython port is now called “Jython.” Although you ...

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