Installing Shindig on Mac OS X (Leopard)

This section guides you through installing Shindig on a local Apache server on Mac OS X (Leopard). This installation will allow you to run OpenSocial gadgets using the URL structure http://shindig/gadgets/ifr?url=gadget_url.


This installation guide requires that you have the following server and program environments installed on your machine:

  • Apache HTTP Server (see the section “Installing Apache HTTP” Server in the Appendix [available online, see Preface for details] for installation instructions)

  • PHP 5.2.x (see the section “Setting Up Your PHP Environment” in the Appendix for installation instructions)

First, we need to create a directory to house the Apache Shindig code base. This directory structure should be set up at the root of the localhost directory. In most instances, Apache comes preinstalled on Mac OS X, and the localhost directory is /Library/WebServer/Documents.

Once we’ve created the directory and we cd into it, we can check out the Shindig source code from the Subversion (SVN) repository. Load Terminal and run the following commands:

mkdir /Library/WebServer/Documents/shindig
cd /Library/WebServer/Documents
svn co shindig


In this example, we are checking out the 2.0.x branch of Shindig rather than trunk, since I used the 2.0.x branch to document this setup. If you would like to download the most recent version of Shindig from the trunk instead, use the following ...

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