DBD::Empress and DBD::EmpressNet

General Information

Driver version

DBD::Empress version 0.51.

Feature summary

Transactions                           Yes
Locking                                Yes, implicit and explicit
Table joins                            Yes, inner and outer
LONG/LOB datatypes                     Yes, up to 2 GB
Statement handle attributes available  After prepare(  )
Placeholders                           Yes, "?" (native)
Stored procedures                      Yes
Bind output values                     No
Table name letter case                 Sensitive, stored as defined
Field name letter case                 Sensitive, stored as defined
Quoting of otherwise invalid names     Yes, via double quotes
Case-insensitive "LIKE" operator       Yes, "MATCH"
Server table ROW ID pseudocolumn       Yes, "MS_RECORD_NUMBER"
Positioned update/delete               No
Concurrent use of multiple handles     Yes, with some restrictions

Author and contact details

The driver was written by Steve Williams. He can be contacted at .

Supported database versions and options

DBD::Empress supports Empress V6.10 and later. For further information refer to:

These drivers use the same Perl interface but use a different underlying database interface. DBD::Empress is for direct access of databases, while DBD::EmpressNet is for distibuted database connected via the Empress Connectivity Server (referred to in Empress v8.10 and earlier as the Empress ODBC server).

Differences from the DBI specification

There are no significant differences.

Connect Syntax

The DBI->connect() Data Source Name, or DSN, can be one of the following:

dbi:Empress:physical_database dbi:EmpressNet:logical_database ...

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