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SOAP Transport Classes
superclass constructor; only the Jabber URI is handled locally. It’s used to set up
Net::Jabber::Client instance that manages the actual communications.
The SOAP::Transport::LOCAL module is designed to provide a no-transport client
class for tracing and debugging communications traffic. It links
SOAP::Client and
SOAP::Server so that the same object that “sends” the request also “receives” it.
Inherits from: SOAP::Client, SOAP::Server.
The implementations of the
new and send_receive methods aren’t noticeably differ-
ent in their interface. Their behavior warrants description, however:
When the constructor creates a new object of this class, it sets up a few things
beyond the usual
SOAP::Client layout. The is_success method is set to a default
value of
1. The dispatch_to method inherited from SOAP::Server is called with
the current value of the global array
@INC, allowing the client to call any meth-
ods that can be found in the current valid search path. And as with most of the
constructors in this module, the optional key/value pairs are treated as method
names and parameters.
The implementation of this method simply passes the envelope portion of the
input data to the
handle method of SOAP::Server. While no network traffic
results (directly) from this, it allows for
debug signals to be sent through the
SOAP::Trace facility.
This transport class manages SMTP-based sending of messages from a client perspec-
tive. It doesn’t provide a server class. The class gets selected when a client object
passes a URI to
proxy or endpoint that starts with the characters, mailto:.
Inherits from: SOAP::Client.
The client class for this protocol doesn’t define any new methods. The constructor
functions in the same style as the others class constructors. The functionality of the
send_receive method is slightly different from other classes, however.
When invoked, the
send_receive method uses the MIME::Lite package to encapsu-
late and transmit the message. Because mail messages are one-way communications

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