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Appendix D: SOAP Example Code
The Third HTTP::Daemon Server
The final version of the HTTP::Daemon–based server differs from the previous only in
that it uses the revised SOAP interface presented in the previous section.
# This replaces BooksBy{Author,Title} with a single
# interface that uses the name given to the input parameter
# to choose the type of search to execute.
sub FindBooks {
my ($class, $arg, $env) = @_;
# Using the SOAP envelope of the request, get the
# SOAP::Data object that wraps the value $arg was
# assigned.
my $argname = $env->match(SOAP::SOM::paramsin)->dataof;
my $hook = ($argname->name eq 'author') ?
\&SoapExBook::get_books_by_author :
# As with the originals, this can be a static method,
# so the test to use a new book-database handle versus
# the self-stored one is still present.
my $bookdb = ref($class) ? $class->{_catalog} :
return 'Unable to connect to catalog' unless $bookdb;
my @books = $hook->($bookdb, $arg);
sub CanPurchase {
my $self = shift->new;
die SOAP::Fault->faultcode('Server.RequestError')
->faultstring('Could not get object')
unless $self;
SOAP::Data->name('return', $self->SUPER::CanPurchase)
Example D-10. (continued)

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