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HTTP SOAP Code (Chapter 7)
The SOAP::Lite Client to Test FindBooks
This client is a simplified version of the first client, designed to test the FindBooks
method defined in the revised SOAP interface.
Example D-11. server-HTTP::Daemon-3
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# The third version of the HTTP::Daemon-based server uses
# the SOAP layer with the FindBooks method in place of the
# two original search methods. Note that this will not
# correctly handle the authentication because of the
# coupling between the WishListCustomer::Daemon and the
# WishListCustomer::SOAP classes.
use strict;
use WishListCustomer::SOAP2;
use WishListCustomer::Daemon;
my $port = pop(@ARGV) || 9000;
my $host = shift(@ARGV) || 'localhost';
->new(LocalAddr => $host, LocalPort => $port,
Reuse => 1)
->dispatch_with({ 'urn:/WishListCustomer' =>
'WishListCustomer::SOAP2' })
Example D-12. client-wishlist-2
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# This sample client is much simpler than the previous one,
# as it is only intended to demonstrate the flexibility of
# having the single-entry search interface that uses the
# parameter name to help in forming the search.
use strict;
use SOAP::Lite;
my ($type, $string) = (shift, shift);
die "USAGE: $0 { author | title } pattern [ endpoint ]\n"
unless ($type and $string);

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