9. Pervaporation Membrane Reactors

For a detailed overview of the use of pervaporation in membrane reactors, the reader is referred to Van der Bruggen et al. (2010). The combination of a chemical (equilibrium) reaction with simultaneous removal of water as a side product by pervaporation is an interesting application that has been demonstrated in many cases, of which the majority is related to esterification reactions (Kita et al., 1988; David et al., 1991a,b; Parulekar, 2007; Benedict et al., 2003, 2006; Datta and Tsai, 1995; Waldburger and Widmer, 1996; Krupiczka and Koszorz, 1999; Tanna and Mayadevi, 2007; Lim et al., 2002; Zhu et al., 1996; Dams and Krug, 1991; Brüschke et al., 1995; Shah and Ritchie, 2005; Bernal et al., 2002; Coronas and ...

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