4. Batch Electrodialysis Program

4.1. Overview

The batch process is applicable to the operation of every kind of small- or middle-scale electrodialysis operations; Kusakari et al. (1977) installed a commercial multistage batch system electrodialysis plant for desalination of brackish groundwater at Hatsushima, Atami, Shizuoka Pref. Japan. Tani et al. (1978) developed a seawater desalination batch mode unit operated in a vessel. Rapp and Pfromm (1998a) removed chloride from the chemical recovery cycle of a kraft pulp mill. Elidaoui et al. (2006) demineralized sugar liquor in a beet sugar manufacturing pilot plant. Banasiak et al. (2007) investigated the removal of fluoride and nitrate from brackish groundwater. Walha et el. (2007) demineralized ...

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