Chapter 12  
Flight from the Subjectivity of the Other: Pathological Adaptation to Childhood Parent Loss
George Hagman


Frequently psychoanalysts and other psychotherapists encounter patients who suffered parent loss during childhood. Over time a small but significant literature has developed that focuses on the special clinical problems of this population (Freud, 1927; Lewin, 1937; Deutsch, 1937; Fleming and Altschul, 1962; Jacobson, 1965; Altschul, 1968; Fleming, 1972, 1974; Stolorow and Lachmann, 1975; Blum, 1980, 1983, 1984; Shane and Shane, 1990a, b). A frequent observation of these analysts has been that many analysands who have experienced parent loss avoid engagement in and experience of the transference, and it has been ...

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