Chapter 21

Ten Cool Shortcuts in Project 2013

In This Chapter

arrow Viewing task and resource information

arrow Keeping shortcuts close at hand

arrow Changing the view for better focus

arrow Finagling the format for better schedule management

I’m always amazed to watch people work who are adept at using a specific type of software. Their fingers seem to fly over the keyboard; without ever touching the mouse, they create documents, presentations, and other artifacts. In this chapter, I show you ten cool shortcuts that can help you handle Project 2013 like a pro.

Task Information

From Gantt Chart view, you can double-click any task in the project to open the Task Information dialog box. You can then use it, as shown in Figure 21-1, to enter or modify durations, predecessor information, resources, notes, task types, and constraints.


Figure 21-1: The Task Information dialog box.

In Chapter 2, I give you more information about the Task Information dialog box.

Resource Information

If you want to know anything ...

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