Chapter 9

Assigning Resources

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying the right resource

arrow Making resource assignments

arrow Checking resource availability

arrow Using Team Planner view

After you enter tasks and resources, you start assigning tasks to resources. That is when the fun begins! The duration of some tasks may change, and you may start to see evidence of people who are overbooked on several tasks that happen around the same time. Understanding how these results occur is the key to making intelligent assignments and balancing the project scope with your milestone obligations and resource availability.

In fact, assigning resources, balancing scope, schedule and cost, and replanning is an ongoing process throughout a project. As usual, Project provides the tools to help you manage the resource assignment process so you can arrive at an optimal solution.

Finding the Right Resource

Sometimes, no one in the world can perform a certain task like Albert does, and you’ll persuade Albert to do that job if it kills you. At other times, almost anyone can handle the work.

If any Tom, Dick, or Mary with ...

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