Chapter 12

Negotiating Project Constraints

In This Chapter

arrow Adding contingency reserve to tasks

arrow Making adjustments to shorten the schedule

arrow Managing costs

arrow Resolving resource conflicts

arrow Moving a project to a better time

After you know which issues are affecting the project schedule, you can start to develop ways to address them. Sometimes, you simply have to recognize that events (especially on projects) don’t always play out as planned. A sprinkling of contingency reserve may resolve the issue.

After you work out the initial version of the schedule, budget, and resource assignments, you meet with stakeholders to negotiate changes based on their priorities. For example, you might ask these questions:

  • Can the schedule be altered to contain costs?
  • Can in-house resources be added to expedite the work?
  • Can less-expensive resources be hired to save money?

In this chapter, I describe multiple options for negotiating the various constraints of time, resources, scope, and costs that affect ...

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