7Problem-Solving Creativity and Innovation

7.0 The Need for Problem-Solving Creativity

Not all project problems can be resolved by simply changing the resources or modifying the budget and schedule. Some projects have issues that may require significant levels of creativity for a satisfactory solution.

Project managers generally negotiate for resources that can perform the required tasks, assuming that everything will go as planned. The staffing negotiations process does not generally consider whether the resources have the necessary creative skills to resolve challenges that may occur.

As project management expands to include new types of projects, such as those requiring strategic and innovative outcomes, the staffing process must consider what might go wrong on the project and how issues requiring creativity will be managed.

7.1 Creativity and Creative Thinking

You are placed in charge of a project that is quite complex and perhaps even a high risk. Some sort of technical breakthrough may be required for the project to be regarded as a success. Your team keeps coming up with problems that need to be resolved. How does a project manager know if the assigned resources have creative abilities? This is an essential skill for several types of problem-solving.

Not all people are creative even if they are at the top of their pay grade. People can do the same repetitive task for so long that they are considered as subject matter experts. They can rise to the top of their pay grade ...

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