Solutions to the Dorale Products Case Studies


  1. A project is a unique activity, with a well defined objective with constraints, that consumes resources, and is generally multi-functional. The project usually provides a unique product service or deliverable.
  2. Generally, there is no minimum number of boundaries that need to be crossed.
  3. Usually this is based upon the amount of integration required. The greater the amount of integration, the greater the need for project management.
  4. All projects could benefit from the use of project management, but on some very small projects, project management may not be necessary.
  5. Reasonable thresholds for the use of the project management methodology are based upon dollar value, risk, duration, and number of functional boundaries crossed.


  1. In many companies, one enterprise project methodology may be impractical. There may be one methodology for developing a unique product or service, and another one for systems development.
  2. A program is usually longer in duration than a project and is comprised of several projects.
  3. Project management methodologies apply equally to both programs and projects.


  1. All projects should use the principles of project management but may not need to use the project management methodology.
  2. Projects that do not require the methodology are those that are of short duration, low dollar value and stay within one functional department.
  3. Methodologies are generally required for ...

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