Chapter 1

Using Checklists and Templates in Projects

In This Chapter

arrow The power of project checklists

arrow The types of checklist in this book

arrow Avoiding checklist pitfalls

arrow The templates and how to use them

arrow Understanding the Project Structure

This chapter, and indeed the whole of this first part of Project Checklists for Dummies, may seem a bit strange in a book of checklists. You may think that you just want to get going with your project and start ticking some boxes. However, to get the best out of the checklists and templates and use them really effectively you need to appreciate how to use them … and also how not to.

The checklists are designed to help you make sure that you have got everything right at different points in the project and haven’t missed out anything important. It’s so easy to make mistakes that are actually avoidable. As well as helping you to think things through for each project, the checklists also draw on lots of experience and help you make sure that you get it ...

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