Chapter 5

Checking the Justification and Benefits

In This Chapter

arrow It’s not just about benefits – looking at different justifications

arrow Being clear on benefit types, including non-quantifiable benefits

arrow Help to think through the possible benefits for your project

The Business Case focuses on the justification for the project, including listing any business benefits that will result from the project. This chapter helps you check the justification for your project and write a sound Business Case.

Project Justification Checklist

It’s easy to be too focused on benefits, or even a given level of financial benefits, when you’re thinking about whether a project is justified or not. However, while achieving business benefits is the most common project justification, it isn’t the only one. Have a look at this list to check your project out.

  • Benefits: Okay, the most common justification first. The project will pay back with business benefits which outweigh the cost and effort involved in running the project.
  • Compliance: You have to run the project whether there are benefits or not. That might be compliance with legal requirements or something like an HQ instruction that ‘All regional offices ...

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