Chapter 10

Managing the People

In This Chapter

arrow People matter

arrow Three key areas to watch out for

arrow Motivation and performance

I’m a huge fan of practical project techniques and powerful methods that really help get the job done. However, although things like good methods are genuinely valuable, you’re probably every bit as aware as I am that without the right people these things aren’t going to make your project successful. Methods are like any tool. The tool is valuable and helpful for sure, but without the right pair of hands holding it, it isn’t going to get the job done well. In fact some tools in the wrong hands are downright dangerous; and I’m talking projects here, not 1200 watt power saws.

Even where you have got the right people, it’s all too easy to overlook their needs by focusing solely on the job in hand. In turn, failing to manage your staff well is almost bound to lead on to motivation and performance problems which, in turn, will affect the delivery of the job in hand. The one you were bothered about in the first place. And on that point about performance, don’t ever think that getting the best out of your team members is exploiting them. Most people on projects want ...

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