Chapter 6

Establishing Whom You Need, How Much, and When

In This Chapter

arrow Focusing first on people’s abilities

arrow Accurately planning your project’s personnel needs

arrow Striking a balance among all your resource commitments

I remember reading the following declaration by a stressed-out project manager: “We’ve done so much with so little for so long [that] they now expect us to do everything with nothing!”

The truth is, of course, you can’t accomplish anything with nothing; everything has a price. You live in a world of limited resources and not enough time, which means you always have more work to do than time and resources allow. After you decide which tasks to pursue, you need to do everything possible to perform them successfully.

Carefully planning for the personnel you need to perform your project increases your chances of succeeding by enabling you to

check.png Ensure the most qualified people available are assigned to each task.

check.png Explain more effectively to team members what you’re asking them ...

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