Chapter 9

Aligning the Key Players for Your Project

In This Chapter

arrow Comparing three organizational structures in terms of their pros and cons

arrow Defining the actors and their roles in the matrix structure

arrow Being successful in a matrix organization

In the traditional work environment, you have one direct supervisor who assigns your work, completes your performance appraisals, approves your salary increases, and authorizes your promotions. However, increasing numbers of organizations are moving toward a structure in which a variety of people direct your work assignments. What’s the greatest advantage of this new structure? When all is said and done, it supports faster and more-effective responses to the diverse projects in an organization.

Success in this new project-oriented organization requires you to do the following:

check.png Recognize the people who define and influence your work environment.

check.png Understand their unique roles.

Know how to work effectively with them to create a successful project. ...

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