Chapter 2

I’m a Project Manager! Now What?


Bullet Identifying the project manager’s role

Bullet Understanding common pitfalls of being a project manager

Bullet Defining the four values of the project manager’s code of ethics

We’re willing to bet that, because you’re reading this book, you’ve either been asked to manage a project or you’ve decided for yourself that you would like to get into project management. So, hang on tight — you’re going to need a new set of skills and techniques to make sure you’re successful in this role. But not to worry! This chapter gets you off to a smooth start by showing you what project management really entails and by helping to get you into the project management mindset.

Knowing the Project Manager’s Role

The project manager’s job is challenging. For instance, project managers often coordinate technically specialized professionals — who may have limited experience working together — to achieve a common goal. Although the project manager’s own work experience is often technical in nature, their success requires a keen ability to identify and resolve sensitive organizational, interpersonal, and project-related issues. In this section, we describe the ...

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