Chapter 50

Worked Example 4

Battle Tank

Chapter Outline

Business Case for Battle Tank Top Secret

Memo: From: General Johnson

To: The Department of Defence

1 September 2006

Subject: new battle tank

It is imperative that we urgently draw up plans to design, evaluate, test, build, and commission a new battle tank.

The ‘What’

A new battle tank which:

(a) Has a 90 mm cannon

(b) Has a top speed of at least 70 mph

(c) Weighs less than 60 tonnes fully loaded and fuelled

(d) Has spaced and active armour

(e) Has at least 2 machine gun positions including the external turret machine gun

(f) Has a crew of not more than 4 men (or women)

(g) Has a gas turbine engine and a fuel tank to give a range of 150 miles (240 ...

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