Appendix B
Compact Disk
Table of Contents
Chapter 2 Initiation Phase
Figure 2.2 Spreadsheet Template for IRR Analysis
Table 2.1 Business Case Definition Outline
Table 2.2 Example of Composite Rating Method
Table 2.3 Example of Paired Comparison Method
Chapter 4 Project Scope
Figure 4.1 Work Package Work Order
Table 4.5 Four-Level “By Deliverable” Format
Table 4.6 ree-Level “By Deliverable” Format
Table 4.7 WBS Format based on functions or departments
Table 4.8 WBS Format based on time phases
Chapter 5 Project Cost
Figure 5.1 Spreadsheet for estimating duration times and costs at 50, 90 and
97% levels of confidence
Table 5.2 Template for estimating work package cost using single estimate
of effort time
Table 5.4 Template for estimating work package cost using PERT estimates
of effort time
Table 5.6 Template for a bottom-up estimate of project cost
Table 5.9 Template for a functionally determined project cost estimate
Table 5.11 Template for estimating project cost via the analogy method
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260 n Project Management Recipes for Success
Chapter 6 Project Time (Schedule)
Table 6.2 Network Diagram Checklist
Chapter 7 Project Resource Plan
Table 7.1 Template for the Project Resource Plan
Chapter 8 Project Filing System
Table 8.1 List of project files
Chapter 9 Risk Management
Table 9.1 Format for the threat list
Table 9.2 Format for the opportunity list
Table 9.3 Interview outline
Table 9.6 Risk cost estimating sheet
Figure 9.6 Spreadsheet that calculates the time-reserve for the critical path
Chapter 10 Project Baseline and Control
Table 10.2 Manual template for a variation control matrix
Figure 10.2 Spreadsheet template for the variation control matrix
Figure 10.4 Spreadsheet template for project performance report
Chapter 11 Project Scope Change
Figure 11.1 Scope change request form with embedded procedure
Figure 11.4 Scope change log form
Chapter 12 Project Closeout Plan
Figure 12.1 Final project evaluation outline
Figure 12.2 Outline for project final report or briefing
Figure 12.3 Customer satisfaction survey
Figure 12.5 Outline for final risk assessment
Chapter 13 Execution Phase
Figure 4.1 Work package work order
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