Further information

Useful e-mail addresses

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Committee for Advertising Practice (CAP)

ASA website: www.asa.org.uk

CAP’s Copy Advice Service website: www.asa.org

Offers advice online, plus related cases.

Ardi Kolah

Guru in a bottle

Author of Essential Law for Marketers, the UK’s number one best-selling law book for non-lawyers; will help you get to grips with UK and EU laws and regulations that impact modern sales and marketing practice. An indispensable book that’s written in non-legal jargon and language that’s easy to understand and follow.

Email: Ardi@Kolah.com

British Promotional Merchandise Association

E-mail: enquiries@bpma.co.uk

Website: www.bpma.co.uk

Contains a list of members’ products and ...

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