Property vs Shares: Discover Your Knockout Investment Strategy

Book description

A comparison of property versus shares and how to find the right mix for a profitable portfolio

Almost every investor eventually considers the question: which is the better investment, property or shares? The answer isn't as simple as one or the other, since both asset classes offer different benefits and risks. And if the best answer is a mix of the two, how do you strike the right balance for sustained returns? This book takes an unbiased look at these two asset classes, explaining the risks and benefits of each, dispelling stubborn myths, and giving you the facts you need to find what's best for you and your portfolio. Offering a point-by-point comparison of shares versus property, this easy-to-read guide argues that a combined strategy is smartest and safest for most investors. It then goes on to give you the information you need to tailor your portfolio to your own level of acceptable risk versus desired reward.

  • Offers a simple, in-depth side-by-side comparison of the two most vital asset classes in any portfolio

  • Peter Koulizos is a popular speaker and commentator on property investing and the author of The Property Professor's Top Australian Suburbs

  • Zac Zacharia is founder and managing director of financial services company, The Centra Wealth Group, and is a lecturer in share investment, a regular speaker and media contributor

  • Includes helpful tips on what and when to buy, as well as how to avoid both property and share scams

Every portfolio should be different, depending on your own individual goals and needs. With this handy guide, you can find the right mix of assets to achieve healthy and consistent returns.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Foreword
    1. About the authors
    2. Acknowledgements
    3. Introduction
  5. Round 1: The basics of investment
    1. Asset classes
    2. Why does the sharemarket exist?
  6. Round 2: Why invest?
    1. Reasons for investing
    2. Investment options
    3. Why invest in property?
    4. Why invest in shares?
    5. So which is best: property or shares?
  7. Round 3: History of the property and share markets
    1. History of the property market
    2. History of the stock market
    3. How properties and shares have performed over time
  8. Round 4: Investment cycles
    1. Stages within the business cycle
    2. The relationship between the sharemarket and the business cycle
    3. The relationship between the property market and the business cycle
  9. Round 5: Where to do your research
    1. Websites
    2. Magazines
  10. Round 6: Understanding the tables and statistics
    1. Understanding property statistics and data
    2. Understanding share price data
  11. Round 7: The risks of investment
    1. What is your attitude towards risk?
    2. Controllable risks
    3. Non-controllable risks
    4. Controllable risks
    5. Non-controllable risks
    6. What is your investment time frame?
    7. Working out your risk profile
  12. Round 8: Return on investments
    1. Income
    2. Capital growth
    3. Yield or return
    4. Residential property
    5. Commercial property
    6. Rental return from property
    7. Capital growth from property
    8. Market capitalisation
    9. The role of stock indexes
    10. Business sector or industry
    11. Business influences
  13. Round 9: Costs of investing
    1. Property costs
    2. Share costs
  14. Round 10: Market participants and facilitators
    1. Buying property
    2. Holding property
    3. Selling property
    4. Sharemarket participants and facilitators
  15. Round 11: Managed investments
    1. Property trusts
    2. Property syndicates
    3. Managed investments
  16. Round 12: Trading vs investing
    1. Investing in property
    2. Trading property
    3. Investment in shares
    4. Trading shares
    5. Differences between share investing and share trading
  17. Round 13: Financing your investment
    1. Property loans
    2. Margin loans
  18. Round 14: Investment structures
    1. What to consider
    2. Types of structure
  19. Round 15: Self managed superannuation funds
    1. What is an SMSF?
    2. What does an SMSF do?
    3. What can an SMSF receive?
    4. Types of investments available
    5. Investing in property
    6. Investing in shares
    7. Administering an SMSF
  20. Round 16: Tax and investments
    1. Property and tax
    2. Shares and tax
  21. Round 17: Legal issues
    1. The contract - transferring title
    2. Certain prescribed particulars of land
    3. Ownership
    4. Shareholder rights and obligations
    5. The settlement process
    6. Advisers and brokers
    7. General versus personal advice
  22. Round 18: Overseas investments
    1. Online and full-service brokers
    2. Managed funds
    3. Exchange traded funds (ETFs)
    4. Exchange traded international securities (ETIS)
    5. Benefits of overseas investment
    6. Risks of overseas investment
    7. Questions to ask your broker
  23. Round 19: Schemes and scams
    1. Identifying a Scam
    2. How to avoid scams
    3. Legitimate property schemes
    4. Property scams
    5. Shares scams
  24. Round 20: Top questions to ask
    1. Buying property
    2. Holding property
    3. Selling property
    4. Buying shares
    5. Holding shares
    6. Selling shares
  25. Round 21: Case studies
  26. Round 22: Advanced investment opportunities
    1. Options
    2. Joint ventures
    3. Short selling
    4. Exchange traded options (ETOs)
    5. Contracts for difference (CFDs)
  27. Round 23: Conclusion: and the winner is . . .
    1. Capital growth
    2. Income
    3. Tax effectiveness
    4. Degree of control
    5. Volatility of returns
    6. Frequency of returns
    7. Finance
    8. Leverage
    9. Liquidity
    10. Entry, holding and exit fees
    11. Ease of getting started
    12. Information
    13. Diversification
    14. Legal issues
    15. Hassles
    16. Make money from falling markets
    17. Advanced investment opportunities
    18. Summary
  28. Glossary

Product information

  • Title: Property vs Shares: Discover Your Knockout Investment Strategy
  • Author(s): Peter Koulizos, Zac Zacharia
  • Release date: August 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118613139