abbreviated new drug application (ANDA), 148, 151–2, 155, 157, 161
filings and approvals by Indian pharmaceutical firms, 156
Para IV filings, 167
Paras I–III filings, 170–3
provisions, 149
vs new drug discovery by Indian pharmaceutical firms, 159
ad valorem equivalents (AVE), 188–9, 191
estimate comparison, 201–3
NTMs, 200–12
agricultural exports, 106–12
Doing Business indicators, 110
export intensity, 105
globalization and commodity trade challenges, 106–7
South Asian experience, 107–8
trade facilitation, 108–12
agro-food industries
agricultural exports, NTMs and trade facilitation in South Asia, 106–12
Indian commodity studies, 112–14
South Asian integration and economic policy space, 103–5
trade facilitation concerns in South Asia, ...

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