Chapter 15Is There Hope?

One of the great things about people is their ability to look forward to the future. Granted, the tomorrow we've described in this book appears quite disturbing. Who wants a Great Depression to affect most of the world? However, the facts point toward a certain reality—and we have tried to present paths for individuals and companies that will lead to a better future, one that will help them not just survive but also succeed.

People often ask us if anything would or could change our view of the future and make the path and strategies presented here irrelevant. There are indeed some game-changing events that we describe next that could provide for a different future than the likely scenario discussed throughout the book. But, even if there is a future without a Great Depression, the strategies and actions we have described will help you establish and maintain a sense of financial security.

What Can Stave Off the Great Depression of 2030?

Government and policy makers can make a huge difference in our future by setting aside politically driven, uncompromising ideology and seeking compromise on vexing issues. Congress and the executive branch have the power to reshape the future by aggressively pushing out the retirement age for the millennial generation (born 1977–1994) and generations that follow. Increasing the years of contribution into the health care and Social Security systems would have a dramatic impact on solvency. Today's 40-year-olds would have ...

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