thank the many people who contributed comments and criti-
cism to help shape this book and shape my life as a professional:
Dr. Robert G. Bryant, Senior Chemical Engineer, NASA Lang-
ley Research Center, for his careful review of each chapter and its
design. Rob provided the inventor's perspective for the book and
guidance in the arrangement of the chapter content. Also, I thank
Rob as my husband for the love, encouragement, and support that he
provided me so this book would be completed on time.
Walter E. Crosmer, Section Head, Honeywell, Inc., for provid-
ing an industrial perspective for the book. Walt's critical review of
each chapter helped ensure that the book would apply to the indus-
trial inventor. (Thanks, Dad!)
Anne Womack, Director of Sponsored Programs, The College
of William and Mary, for serving as a sounding board and providing
the academic perspective when reviewing each chapter.
Debbie G. Ramos, neighbor and friend, for helping me keep the
writing simplistic and clear.
Dr. FrankJ. Cynar, Acquisitions Editor, Academic Press, for the
many brainstorming sessions and for his guidance throughout each
Additional appreciation goes to the members of the National
Association of Patent Practitioners who, unknowingly, contributed to
this book by answering many of my questions on their list serve. I es-
pecially acknowledge the following members who donated their time
to review and criticize various chapters, ensuring that the facts were
Dr. Cheryl H. Agris, Esq., Registered Patent Attorney, former-
ly of Novo Nordisk, currently in private practice, Pelham, New
York, for her careful review of Chapters 3-8. Cheryl went above and
beyond the call of duty and was there for me when I needed her
Chester T. Barry, Esq., Registered Patent Attorney with Shanks
& Herbert, Alexandria, Virginia, for his review of Chapter 1.
Chester's knowledge of intellectual property law was a tremendous
help to me in clarifying those areas of intellectual property law I do
not practice.
Dr. Frederick L. Herman, Registered Patent Agent, Johnson &
Johnson, for his review of Chapter 2. Fred's knowledge about foreign
filing and PCT practice was helpful in clarifying such complex
Michael F. Allan, Licensing Executive, First Principals, Inc., for
his guidance on Chapter 9. Mike provided much insight into and in-
formation on the licensing and technology transfer process.
Last, I express my appreciation to my clients and the many in-
ventors who have called me with questions. These questions helped
me recognize the need for this book and motivated me to write it in
the first place. I encourage these people to continue inventing and
protecting their inventions with patents.
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