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Prototyping with Justinmind Prototyper

Video Description

Justinmind is a popular software tool used to prototype websites and mobile apps. In this course, UX pro Darren Hood shares his insider's knowledge of prototyping while showing you how to use Justinmind to design and build an effective, working, interactive prototype without having to use any coding.

To get the most out of the tutorial, learners should have Justinmind Prototyper loaded on their computers (a free downloadable version is available from Justinmind), so they can work along with Darren as he demonstrates each step of the prototype development process.

  • Learn how to create a prototype for a website or a mobile application
  • Discover what a prototype really is and how to pick a prototyping style
  • See how Justinmind's interface, features, and functions work
  • Learn to manage assets and widgets; and how to add interactive events
  • Master the steps necessary to view a prototype in a browser
  • Understand how to download Justinmind widgets; and expand your widget library
  • Discover how to share prototypes with stakeholders and team members
Darren Hood runs UX activities for the automotive aftermarket division of Bosch USA. A faculty member at Kent State in the UX Design Masters program, Darren has worked in the field of human-computer interaction for 21 years. He holds degrees in Information Management and UX Design; and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Technology and Design at Walden University.