P.S. You're a Genius

Video description

After a lifetime of overachieving, aiming to be excellent at everything, and three failed tech startups in Silicon Valley, Kelly Trach was stirred by a simple question: What if I just did what I'm good at?

Now a six-figure business coach, Kelly poses the same question to you: What if you just did what you're good at? Despite conventional wisdom, the gifts and experience you need are already innate. Having that "it factor" or "special ingredient" isn't as elusive as you may think.

P.S. You're a Genius takes you on a self-reflective journey to find your own gifts, asking questions like: How are your idols a reflection of your own genius? What are you great at that nobody taught you how to do? How is your darkest shadow your greatest gift? What have you been unexpectedly criticized for?

Through these questions and more, you'll uncover the ways you naturally excel, relinquish the lie that you're not "good enough," and discover how to convincingly convey your value to anyone. In the process, you'll unlock the gumption to go after what you really want and ditch the mindset blocks holding you back-because you have an inherent genius. You just have to find it.

Product information

  • Title: P.S. You're a Genius
  • Author(s): Kelly Trach, Kelly Trach
  • Release date: January 2022
  • Publisher(s): Ascent Audio
  • ISBN: 9781663717771