Chapter 3. Multimedia

Hacks 21–35: Introduction

All the power that goes into making stunning games is there for other purposes, too. Whether you’re watching movies, showing off your photos, or listening to music, you’ll find that the PSP’s graphical and audio capabilities are taken full advantage of by games and multimedia alike. And if you’ve upgraded to the Version 2.0 firmware, you’ll have the pleasure of using a powerful web browser whose graphics are every bit as stunning as the rest of the system’s.

Watch UMD Movies

Cut down on the glare without ruining the sharpness of the screen, navigate through your movie with ease, and keep track of where you were in SpiderMan 2 before you took that break to play Metal Gear Ac!d .

Watching UMD movies on your PSP is very similar to watching DVDs on your home system in a lot of ways. However, there are drastic differences that make the experience a little more akin to watching a DVD on your laptop. Even this comparison falls short because you can take the PSP with you anywhere. Portability makes the pauseability of the PSP as a movie-watching medium more important than in other movie-viewing situations. Just as in “Quit a Game Quickly” [Hack #1] , Sony did a good job of accounting for the on-the-go nature of PSP movie watching. You can simply put the PSP to sleep at any moment, and continue watching later with a few clicks of the X button.

This hack will cover the basics and some tips and tricks for making the most out of viewing UMD Movies. ...

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