General equilibrium analysis, 212–214, 212f–213f
General equilibrium analysis, decreasing cost in, 140–152, 141f
break-even production, 145–146, 145f
price–consumption locus, 145–146, 145f–146f
compensated demand curve, necessary condition and, 148–149
competitive markets, 142–143, 143f
easy case, 144, 144f
sufficient condition for, 145
hard case, 144–145, 144f
necessary condition for, 146–148, 147f–148f
Jorgenson–Slesnick expenditure shaves, 150
Marshallian consumer surplus, 150
optimal investment rules, 143–144
optimal pricing rule, 143, 143f
pareto-optimal conditions, 141–142, 142f
public goods, decreasing cost services and, 151–152, 151f
Roy’s identity, 150–151
General equilibrium loss measurement, analytics of, 214–215, 214f
General equilibrium model
government ...

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