Suggestions for Further Reading

Public-key cryptography was born from the seminal works of Diffie and Hellman [78] and Rivest, Shamir and Adleman [252]. Though still young, this area has induced much research in the last three decades. In this chapter, we have made an attempt to summarize some important cryptographic algorithms proposed in the literature. The original papers where these techniques have been introduced are listed below. We don’t plan to be exhaustive, but mention only the most relevant resources.

RSA encryption[252]
Rabin encryption[246]
Goldwasser–Micali encryption[117]
Blum–Goldwasser encryption[27]
ElGamal encryption[84]
Chor–Rivest encryption[54]
XTR encryption[170, 172, 171, 173, 289, 297]
NTRU encryption

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