Chapter 3

PPPs Worldwide

§3.1 Introduction

As so many countries are now developing PPP programmes it would be impossible to survey worldwide activity in PPPs in detail within the scope of this book, but this chapter considers some of the general requirements for developing a PPP programme (§3.2), and its legal framework (§3.3), as well as reviewing PPP activity in a representative selection of countries:

• United Kingdom (§3.4);

• United States (§3.5);

• Australia (§3.6);

• France (§3.7);

• Korea (§3.8);

• Spain (§3.9);

• South Africa (§3.10).

An idea of international activity in PPPs can be gleaned from the (incomplete) statistics in Table 3.1 for private-sector debt raised for PPPs in countries whose programmes are currently the most active. ...

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