Chapter 1

Getting Started with Public Speaking


check Grasping the basics of public speaking

check Writing your script

check Learning to practice

You may have picked up this book because you’ve been told you need to give a speech. And, if like the vast majority of people, you’re really scared. And maybe you have good reason. Maybe you saw a video of yourself and can’t believe you move around so much.

Time for a reality check. When you give a speech or presentation, it’s all about your message to the audience. It is not really about you. Some of the smartest and the most accomplished people tend to forget about the message and focus all their anxiety on themselves as speakers. “Should I have cut my hair? What if I forget the most important point?”

tip First things first: Live in the present. And when you’re speaking, the present means delivering your message to the audience.

You may have no idea what you’re going to do before you read this book. And there may times when you feel out of your comfort zone. I get it — it’s my specialty. But isn’t being out of your comfort zone supposed to ...

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