Chapter 14

Breath, Tone, and Pitch


check Breathing … and then doing it properly

check Working on your tone

check Adjusting your pitch

You know all about breathing. It’s one of the most important things your body does for you. It’s the first thing you do when you are born, and it will be the last thing you do when you depart this realm.

Breath governs life in the same way that water, food, and shelter do. It’s inherent that we know how to breathe — and it better be. But most of us probably take it for granted. Many go through life without really thinking about what it means to breathe properly. Right now, think about how you’re breathing as you read this. Weird, right? I remember not being able to go to sleep as a child because I was thinking about my breathing patterns too much. I figured when I stopped thinking about it, I would stop breathing. But we rarely have to be conscious of our breath. And for most of us, that’s fine.

But not all of us. As a public speaker, you are among those who need to have a greater understanding of how your breath works and how to put it to work. You are now a public speaker, and it’s time to become conscious of your breath. You have to learn how to ...

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