Chapter 17

Acing the Interview


check Finding out about yourself

check Telling people about you

check Knowing when to speak and when not to

So, you’ve got your chance at your dream job. Or maybe it’s the job that will get you to where you need to be to acquire your dream job. Your resume is set. It’s as good as it’s going to get — your whole career summed up on a page. That’s it, right? They pick the best candidate, who has the best resume, the best job experience, the best references?

For some jobs, sure. Maybe they even have their mind set before they meet the candidates. But you have one final push to swing that vote your way: a real-life meeting. An interview.

An interview isn’t just an opportunity to gain a competitive edge — it can also spell your downfall. People with performance anxiety can fall to those who tend to fare better at speaking in public. Employers, no matter how serious or quantitative in their analysis of candidates, can always be swayed by charisma. We are human after all.

remember You can ace your interview. Becoming a better interviewee takes practice, but is well worth ...

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