Finding Readers Who Might Enjoy Your E-Book

Goodreads is a social network of readers, so compared with users of Twitter and Facebook, Goodreads members are more likely to be interested in your e-book. Unless you engage with the network, though, your e-book isn’t easily visible.

As time goes by, you’ll find that friends of friends — and friends of friends of friends — start buying your e-book. To begin with, though, you need to get the ball rolling yourself.

You can interact on Goodreads in two key ways:

check.png Make friends. They can see your recent activity on their home pages.

check.png Join groups. You can take part in discussions about book-related topics.

tip.eps Goodreads wants to make life easy for authors — but it also wants readers to have a great experience at the site. Read the Goodreads recommendations (and take note of what they dislike) at .

Making friends on Goodreads

When you start out on Goodreads, you have no friends listed on your account — making it difficult to interact with anybody.

To build your friend network, you can

check.png Start with your current ...

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