Approaching Book Bloggers for a Review of Your E-Book

Your own blog might not have many readers yet — and even if you have a large readership, you’ll still want to reach out beyond your blog to other audiences. One of the best ways to do this is by getting your e-book featured on book-related sites. This technique is particularly useful for fiction, where many individuals run review sites. (The later section “Writing Guest Posts for Relevant Blogs” guides you through a similar process for a nonfiction e-book.)

The book-blogging world is full of dedicated readers who love writing about the books they’ve been enjoying. Many of these people are enthusiastic about indie authors — people who have published books on their own, without the backing of a major publishing house. Some book bloggers have small, quirky websites that they run in their spare time, and others have created a major online presence, often with teams of reviewers.

tip.eps A busy book blogger may not be able to read and review your e-book for many months, and some bloggers are inundated with requests and might not even reply to your e-mail. Target as many book bloggers as you can (rather than rely on only one or two), and work as far ahead as possible if you’re planning for a launch or major promotional effort.

Creating an e-book information sheet

Many book bloggers, especially established ones with larger audiences, receive ...

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