Chapter 6. Users and Virtual Resources

"How good the design is doesn't matter near as much as whether the design is getting better or worse. If it is getting better, day by day, I can live with it forever. If it is getting worse, I will die." — Kent Beck

In this chapter, we will cover the following topics:

  • Using virtual resources
  • Managing users with virtual resources
  • Managing users' SSH access
  • Managing users' customization files
  • Efficiently distributing cron jobs
  • Running a command when a file is updated
  • Using host resources
  • Using multiple file sources
  • Distributing directory trees
  • Cleaning up old files
  • Using schedules with resources
  • Auditing resources
  • Temporarily disabling resources
  • Managing timezones

Users can be a real pain. I don't mean the people, though doubtless ...

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