Recycle Broker IDL

Listing 3.1 shows the complete IDL for the RecycleBroker IDL module. This IDL is supported by both the head office and the branch office CORBA servers.

Listing 3.1. RecycleBroker IDL Module
//IDL module RecycleBroker { typedef string NameType; typedef string AddressType; typedef long KeyType; typedef float PriceType; enum WasteType { BROWN_GLASS, GREEN_GLASS, CLEAR_GLASS, SCRAP_STEEL, ALUMINIUM_CANS, PLASTIC_BOTTLES, WASTE_PAPER }; // User Exceptions exception NoPermission { }; exception NotLoggedOn { }; exception NotFound { }; exception InsufficientQuantity { }; exception NetworkError { string reason; string telephone; }; // struct RecycleBroker::CustomerDetails struct CustomerDetails { NameType name; AddressType address; ...

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