Object URLs

CORBA defines a number of uniform resource locator (URL) formats that can be used to specify the location of a CORBA object. The allowed URL formats are summarized in Table 6.5.

Table 6.5. Object URL Formats
IOR:A stringified IOR. The prefix IOR: is followed by a string of hexadecimal numbers.
corbaloc:rir:Specify an object reference that is implicitly resolved using resolve_initial_references().
corbaloc:iiop: or corbaloc::Specify the location of a CORBA object in a form that is appropriate for the IIOP protocol.
corbaname:rir:Specify a name that is resolved relative to the initial naming context.
corbaname:iiop: or corbaname::Specify a name that is resolved relative to the given naming context.
file://Indicates a file ...

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