A POA for Entity Objects

This section describes how to create and use a POA that is appropriate for activating and managing entity objects. The sample IDL used to illustrate the POA for entity objects is given in Listing 7.9.

Listing 7.9. A Sample IDL
//IDL module RecycleBroker { //... typedef long KeyType; typedef float PriceType; enum WasteType { BROWN_GLASS, GREEN_GLASS, CLEAR_GLASS, SCRAP_STEEL, ALUMINIUM_CANS, PLASTIC_BOTTLES, WASTE_PAPER }; // struct RecycleBroker::WasteItemDetails struct WasteItemDetails { WasteType waste; long quantity; PriceType price_per_kilo; }; // Interface for Entity Objects interface WasteItem { // operations and attributes not shown... }; // Interface for Entity Object Factory interface WasteItemAdmin { WasteItem ...

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