Exception Types

Both the C++ and Java mapping specifications define a number of exception classes that serve as the base classes for CORBA system and user exceptions. The following exception classes are described here:

  • CORBA::Exception

  • CORBA::SystemException

  • CORBA::UnknownUserException

  • CORBA::UserException

The Exception Class

This section describes how the CORBA::Exception pseudo-interface maps to C++ and to Java.

C++ CORBA::Exception Class

The CORBA::Exception class is defined as follows:

// C++
namespace CORBA {
    class Exception
        virtual ~Exception();
        virtual void _raise() const = 0;
        virtual const char * _name() const;
        virtual const char * _rep_id() const;
Java java.lang.Exception Class

The CORBA::Exception pseudo interface ...

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