Dynamic any IDL

Listing 17.17 shows the complete IDL for the module DynamicAny. Interfaces defined within this module are locality-constrained interfaces.

Listing 17.17. IDL for the DynamicAny Module
//IDL #pragma prefix "omg.org" module DynamicAny { interface DynAny { exception InvalidValue {}; exception TypeMismatch {}; CORBA::TypeCode type(); void assign(in DynAny dyn_any) raises (TypeMismatch); void from_any(in any value) raises (TypeMismatch, InvalidValue); any to_any(); boolean equal(in DynAny dyn_any); void destroy(); DynAny copy(); void insert_boolean(in boolean value) raises (TypeMismatch, InvalidValue); void insert_octet(in octet value) raises (TypeMismatch, InvalidValue); void insert_char(in char value) raises (TypeMismatch, InvalidValue); ...

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