Creating a categorized chunk corpus reader

NLTK provides a CategorizedPlaintextCorpusReader and CategorizedTaggedCorpusReader class, but there's no categorized corpus reader for chunked corpora. So in this recipe, we're going to make one.

Getting ready

Refer to the earlier recipe, Creating a chunked phrase corpus, for an explanation of ChunkedCorpusReader, and refer to the previous recipe for details on CategorizedPlaintextCorpusReader and CategorizedTaggedCorpusReader, both of which inherit from CategorizedCorpusReader.

How to do it...

We'll create a class called CategorizedChunkedCorpusReader that inherits from both CategorizedCorpusReader and ChunkedCorpusReader. It is heavily based on the CategorizedTaggedCorpusReader class, and also provides ...

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