Building a shareable dashboard using IPython Notebook and matplotlib

In this recipe, you'll learn how to build a shareable dashboard using IPython Notebook and matplotlib, two Python tools that you've learned a lot about in the previous chapters.

Getting Set Up…

Before running the code, ensure that you have the latest version of Jupyter (IPython Notebook) by running this command at the command line:

conda install jupyter

When I run conda list jupyter, the following is what I see. You should see something pretty similar:

jupyter                   1.0.0                    py34_0
jupyter-client            4.1.1                     <pip>
jupyter-console           4.0.3                     <pip>
jupyter-core              4.0.6                     <pip>
jupyter_client            4.1.1                    py34_0
jupyter_console           4.0.3                    py34_0
jupyter_core              4.0.6                    py34_0

How to do it…

  1. First, import the Python libraries ...

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