Word tokenization

Tokenization is the act of splitting the text into words. Chunking whitespace seems very easy, but it's not, because the text contains punctuation and contractions. Let's start with an example:

In: my_text = "The coolest job in the next 10 years will be " +\              "statisticians. People think I'm joking, but " +\              "who would've guessed that computer engineers " +\              "would've been the coolest job of the 1990s?"    simple_tokens = my_text.split(' ')    print (simple_tokens)Out: ['The', 'coolest', 'job', 'in', 'the', 'next', '10', 'years', 'will',       'be', 'statisticians.', 'People', 'think', "I'm", 'joking,', 'but',       'who', "would've", 'guessed', 'that', 'computer', 'engineers', "would've", 'been', 'the', 'coolest', 'job', 'of', 'the', '1990s?'] ...

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