Training the model

Following are the steps to train the model:

  1. Load the weights that we downloaded and use them to initialize the model:
weight_reader = WeightReader(wt_path)weight_reader.reset()nb_conv = 23for i in range(1, nb_conv+1):
    conv_layer = model.get_layer('conv_' + str(i))
    if i < nb_conv:
        norm_layer = model.get_layer('norm_' + str(i))
        size =[0].shape)

        beta  = weight_reader.read_bytes(size)
        gamma = weight_reader.read_bytes(size)
        mean  = weight_reader.read_bytes(size)
        var   = weight_reader.read_bytes(size)

        weights = norm_layer.set_weights([gamma, beta, mean, var])       
    if len(conv_layer.get_weights()) > 1:
        bias   = weight_reader.read_bytes([1].shape))
        kernel = weight_reader ...

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